Prototyping & Modelmaking

Mouldlife distribute a wide variety of materials to many different industries, prototyping and modelmaking compounds being one of our leading product groupings.

The materials supplied include a range of fast cast, optically clear, and impact-resistant rigid resins, simulating ABS, PP, PE, PC and other conventional moulding polymers. We also supply the market-leading, flexible PU elastomers – ProFlex and PTFlex.

As official UK distributor for Huntsman Advanced Materials, we supply the complete range of Parts in Minutes (RenPIM) Polyurethane and Epoxy resins for vacuum casting and Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM). These are production grade materials used for making prototype and production parts, from mobile phones, automotive trim components, defence to military applications and many more.

Mouldlife’s Innovative Vacuum Casting Range


ProFlex elastomers are designed to give the most comprehensive of SHORE hardness from 15A – 85A. In addition, the introduction of two new clear elastomers completes a range like no other. The ProFlex range benefits from simple mix ratios, fast process times, ease of pigmentation and extremely strong tear strengths.


ProClear resins have been formulated to give optically clear urethanes with various working times and cure speeds; this suiting a wide range of applications where clarity is a top requirement. ProClear resins reproduce fine detail and cure to tough, thermoplastic simulating ABS, PP and PE that can be machined, drilled, sanded and polished.


ProRigid resins will allow the user to duplicate the properties of a number of engineering plastics with low-cost tooling in a very short time. ProRigid resins cover a broad range of applications, from ABS, PP, PE, and include excellent fire retardent systems. These high performance materials are uniquely designed for vacuum casting.

Transil™ 40-1

The Boston Baton was originally 3D printed by Malcolm Nicholls, before being encased in Mouldlife’s Transil 40-1 to create the mould for the final product to be cast.
Shore A Hardness
Working Time (mins)
De-mold Time (hours)
Transil 40-1 is a 40 Shore A platinum-cured rubber, particularly suited to mouldmaking. Its two components are provided as medium viscous liquids, which once mixed and cured form a translucent, elastic and resistant material with excellent toughness.

It’s translucency makes it an ideal rapid prototyping material, allowing for visual inspection of the mould as it fills during the moulding process.

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F1 Carbon Paste

carbon pasteA lightweight, tough, low odour epoxy dough, designed to produce long-lasting shell moulds where a high level of accuracy is required. Typically these moulds would be in two parts, female and male inner, and would usually be used to produce latex foam or silicone prosthetics.

F1 Carbon Paste has a specifically designed Carbon/Aramid reinforcing filler to add strength, while maintaining low density.

Prototype Demo Arm (above): Collapsible magnetic epoxy core. Project by Brian Best, Lifecaster at Creatures Inc. And below, Stuart Bray using F1 Carbon Paste in the process of creating Coraline-style button eyes.

Tinsil® 70 Series RTV Silicone Rubbers

carbon pasteTin-cured flexible mould rubbers. Tinsil products consist of a liquid Part B base and Part A accelerator, which, after mixing at the correct ratio by weight, cure at room temperature to rubber with a tough, knotty tear property.

Tinsil moulds have easy release properties, are resistant to high temperatures and are excellent for casting polyesters, epoxy and polyurethane resins; waxes and many other materials.

Bronze Bust: Follow the ‘Learn More’ button for all products in the 70 Series, including the step-by-step guide from Harry Baker, using Tinsil 7025 and Tinsil Spray 25 in the creation of his magnificent final Bronze piece.

Transil 20

Transil 20 is a platinum translucent, two-component silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature by a poly-addition reaction (1:1 ratio). Transil 20 is one of the lowest viscosity silicone on the market, and has a super fast curing time, de-moulding in 30 minutes at room temperature. It exhibits extremely high strength and is fantastic for quick mouldmaking. However this time can be slowed using our Retarders.

Daniel Craig, James Bond bust injected with Platsil® Retarded Transil 20, de-moulded and painted with pigmented Transil 20. Project by Richard Martin. The same process with pigmented Transil 20 was used to create the Goblin.

Further Mouldmaking & Casting Systems

Opro are a leading worldwide manufacturer of mouthguards providing for industries such as sports and leisure, for personnel including the England Rugby Union team. Opro use RenCast FC52/53 for its toughness, to create long-lasting master moulds for production of the mouthguards.
Rigid fast-cast polyurethane systems designed for ease of use. This system is a low viscosity, self-degassing material that is mixed at 1:1 by weight or by volume. Suited to any casting project large or small, the slow RenCast FC52 is best for thicker work.

Both RenCast FC52 and FC53 cure to a cream-colour 85-90 Shore D, and are ideal for casting components with thin or thick walls, and have a toughness and resilience that make them extremely suited to modelmaking and tooling.

RenCast FC54 is particularly suited for creating highly accurate flat moulds for prosthetic pieces and is used extensively by some of the makeup industry’s top professionals.

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Rigid fast-cast polyurethane systems designed for ease of use. EasyFlo systems, once mixed cure quickly to produce tough, rigid polyurethane plastics. Parts A and B are super-low viscosity liquids – they are easy to mix, provide excellent detail penetration, and can produce bubble-free castings without vacuum degassing or pressure casting techniques.

Rapid de-mould times make EasyFlo liquid plastics ideal for high-volume, fast-cast applications. All EasyFlo products can be easily colour-cast, painted or machined, and can be filled for various cold-cast techniques such as cold-cast bronze, marble, etc. EasyFlo resins are suited for casting decorative objects, production parts, tools, models and duplicate masters.

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General purpose, tin-cured silicone elastomers. They are designed as multi-purpose pourable materials providing good general physical properties and are suited to a wide range of applications, such as moulds for figurine and giftware using Polyurethane, Polyester, Plaster and Gypsum Cements.

The range of hardness’ mean that Supersil rubbers can be used in applications needing a high degree of flexibility for coping with undercuts and fine detail.

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Higher performance platinum-cured flexible silicone rubbers. The Platsil 73 series exhibits a tough, knotty tear, making for an especially valuable material to the mouldmaking industry. The rubbers have a low viscosity and 6 hour de-mould time, although can be accelerated by heat or the use of Mouldlife Platsil accelerators.

In addition to mouldmaking materials, they are suited to moulding body parts and theatrical props. This series of rubbers are platinum-catalyzed and offer advantages over tin-catalyzed systems in certain applications; on curing they don’t shrink, and they don’t produce alcohol which can inhibit urethane castings.